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Refund Policy

All print subscriptions are paid in advance and entitled to a refund for the unused portion of the subscription period if the newspaper is cancelled. A refund will be based on the pro-rated weeks remaining in the subscription.

Internet only subscription refunds will be charged a minimum of 3 months. No refunds will be given if cancelled within this initial 3-month period. Refunds after this period will be given on a pro-rated basis.

Customers who place advertisements must provide notification prior to any subsequent print publication of any ads not run as ordered for credit or refund to be applied. The publisher’s liability for each error is limited to republishing or crediting the cost of that portion of the advertisement in error, as the publisher shall elect. Notice of errors must be reported within 5 days of publication to receive credit.

Refunds for classified advertisements will only be given after a minimum of 5 days. For any classified advertisement running less than 5 days, there will be no refund for early cancellation.

Refunds for payments made by credit card will be made to the credit card. Refunds are usually processed within 10 business days.

Publishers reserve the right to revise or reject, without notice, any ad, at any time, for any reason.