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Shane Massey Holds Legislative Town Halls in Aiken County

Apr 09, 2012

Graniteville, SC — Senator Shane Massey spoke with residents at his recent town hall at the Midland Valley High School Auditorium on Monday evening. He covered topics such as unemployment benefits, jobs and economic development in the local area, the State of SC Budget and Retirement System.

This week a few more meetings are scheduled for those interested in asking State Senator Massey questions or learning more about what is going on in Columbia.

Jefferson Elementary School
170 Flint Drive
Bath, SC

Merriwether Elementary School
565 Spring Haven Drive
North Augusta, SC
I am still working to schedule a couple town hall meetings in McCormick County.  I hope to have those set soon.  I will announce the meetings as they are scheduled.

Some updates from Shane Massey's website:

The Senate will not be in session this week (4/2/12-4/6/12).  Here are the highlights from last week at the Statehouse -

Unemployment benefits for fired workers – Last year the Department of Employment and Workforce paid roughly $50 million in unemployment benefits to workers who had been fired for cause.  After serving on a subcommittee investigating these unjustified payments, I helped write legislation that would prohibit unemployment benefits being paid to people who habitually refuse to show up to work, fail drug tests, commit criminal acts while working, or consistently disobey employers’ instructions.  The Senate passed that bill this week.

Extended unemployment benefits coming to an end – South Carolina has historically allowed for 26 weeks of unemployment benefits when workers lose their job through no fault of their own.  Because of extensions passed by Congress, many unemployed individuals have been able to collect benefits for up to 99 weeks (nearly 2 years).  Last year, the General Assembly lowered South Carolina’s allowance to 20 weeks.

A subcommittee on which I serve heard this past week that recent changes in federal law mean that the federal extensions on unemployment will end this year.  As a result, by the end of 2012, unemployment benefits will be capped at 20 weeks, as provided by state law.

SC leads the way in on-the-job training – A recent study shows South Carolina is a national leader in apprenticeship programs.  These programs work in affiliation with our technical college system to help train workers for a new, technology-based economy.

Bills of Interest

House passes school choice – Last week the House of Representatives passed legislation that would allow tax credits for parents whose children attend private school, public school in another district, or homeschool.  The bill will now go to a Senate committee for consideration.

Economic Development and Job Opportunities

Bridgestone hiring – The Bridgestone plant in Graniteville announced a significant expansion last Fall.  They are now hiring for the new positions.  For information on how to apply, go here  Additionally, Bridgestone is now hiring machine technicians.

MTU expansion – Tognum America announced recently that it will expand its Graniteville MTU plant.  (More jobs will be planned before end of 2012.)

If you know of a business that is hiring, please let me know.  I’d love to include that information in the next newsletter so we can get the word out.


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