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By Josie Rodgers | Nov 28, 2012

Wintrode's Window, by Warren Wintrode

As we enter December, the air is chill in the mornings, basketball season is upon us, semester exams are approaching, and we all look forward to the Christmas break.  As we approach this much needed break, I would like to challenge our students to rededicate themselves to their studies.  The semester exams in all classes are scheduled during the third week in December and account for 20% of the semester grade. Simply put, if you were to have 5 grades for the semester (90 days of work and effort) this one test counts for one of those grades.  It is in your best interest to review your notes and work on what you have difficulty with to prepare for your exams.

Our 2011-2012 School Report Card came out in November.  As a school, we scored Average for our Absolute score and Average for our Growth rating.  Our grade is determined by our graduation rate, our HSAP (exit exam) pass rate and our End of Course (EOC) test pass rate.  One highlight of our grade was our passing rate on the HSAP for sophomores, which was 90.8%, the highest passing rate in the school district.  Also, over half of our students passed their EOC tests (54.5%).  This is a significant improvement from the previous year, in which only 39% our students passed their EOC tests.  One area in which we need to improve significantly is our high school graduation rate, which is 62.2%.  This means that for every 10 freshmen that entered RSM in 2009, only 6 walked across the stage and received their diploma last May.  This is unacceptable.  We will continue to work with each student and their parents to provide a quality education.  I encourage students to shoulder the academic load we place on your shoulders during your four years at the high school.  Do the work.  Parents and community members, I request your help in emphasizing the importance of our students’ education.  Together, we can make the difference.

I conclude by wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.  I look forward to seeing everyone back on the Ridge in January.

Josianna F. Rodgers

Ridge Spring-Monetta High School

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