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Reasons For High Cost of Gas

By Andy Windham | Apr 03, 2012

Now that the cost of gasoline has gotten our attention, we might just want to listen to some common sense and logic. It should be obvious to everyone that our elites want us dependent on foreign oil and high prices. For many years, we have paid independent oil producers to cap their oil wells.

It would not surprise me if the oil corporations pay the environmentalist wackos to lobby Congress not to allow domestic oil production. The most important reason is the policy of the Federal Reserve, which is neither Federal or a Reserve. They are private owned banks which create fiat money. The definition of fiat money is paper currency made legal tender by law, not backed by gold or silver. In other words, it is paper printed with green ink on it. It has no value and the more that is printed, the less purchasing power it has, thereby inflating prices. I would not be the least bit surprised to see hyper-inflation within five years.

As a student of history's most diabolical One-World-Conspiracy for over 45 years, let me suggest that you prepare yourself for the chaos and martial law that will follow this period of hyper-inflation.

There are two events you should be aware of for preparing for this contingency: a preparedness conference to be held April 14th, and a gun show to be held April 21st. Both events will be held at the O'Dell Weeks Center in Aiken.

Lets pray that I am wrong, but I wouldn't count on it if I were you.

Thank you,

Andy Windham

Wagener, SC

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