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Letter to the Editor: Re-election of Senator Nikki Setzler to Senate District 26

Oct 28, 2012

By way of introduction, I am a retired Assistant Director with SLED and I have
followed Senator Setzler stellar career for approximately 30 years and was so pleased when he recently offered for re-election again this year.
I do not generally write letters in support of legislative races, even though I am a personal friend with many of them. The difference this year is that there appears to be a lot of undeserved mudslinging at someone who has dedicated his life to the citizens of his district and for the betterment of all citizens in South Carolina. It appears some politicians simply want to pick their person for every political office in the state and that Senator Setzler is a good family man, has a great reputation, and is of good character. What more could we ask for? He has accomplished much with his ability to work across party lines and I find it very unfair to see him betrayed as a “demo Democrat” when he has done so much for his constitutes regardless of their party affiliation. Don’t judge political party, judge proven performance.
As a retired law enforcement professional, I do not want to see a fine man like
Senator Setzler replaced my anyone, especially by someone who has no history with the brave men and women in the ranks of our law enforcement officers.
Join me in supporting Senator Nikki Setzler for re-election to Senate District 26

Steven A. Smith,

Assistant Director SLED (Retired), Columbia, SC

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