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Aiken's Full Gallop Farm Combined Test

By April 22nd, 2012 | Apr 26, 2012
Photo by: The Aiken Leader The winner of the Tadpole Division, King Shorsey. This was King Shorsey's very first show! .


Last Sunday was surprisingly cold and wet, yet that did not stop over thirty competitors from showing up to Full Gallop Farm's Combined Test. For this type of show, each horse and rider combination are scored based on two phases; a dressage test and a stadium jumping round. This type of competition is derived from Eventing, where dressage tests and stadium jumping rules/penalties follow the same format as eventing. This combined test show offered seven divisions, from Amoeba, with a jumping height of 18 inch cross rails to Intermediate, which has a jumping height of 3'9”. This late season schooling show is a great opportunity for horses and riders work on improving their scores for upcoming summer and fall show seasons but, many competitors have moved on to the next show destination. The show ran Tadpole (2'3”) - Preliminary (3'7”) divisions and most of which had 6-8 riders in each division. The lone competitor of the highest division (Preliminary) was Donna Jolly, who had a final score of 42.7. Risa Moon riding Lilly B won the Training division (3'3”), after a clean jumping round, which moved them up from from second place post- dressage. Second place in the Training division went to Marisa Collins riding Carino and Dolly Douglas on Market Run came in third. Jane McDonald riding Comic Z blew the novice competition out of the water. With a dressage score of 25 and a clean jumping round her final score was 7.5 point better than the horse in second place, DeLux, also ridden by Jane McDonald! Alexa Hamilton riding Edisto's First, ended up third in the Novice after the tie breaker against Jane McDonald's horse Delux. The Beginner Novice division also had a winning combination that was untouchable by the rest of their competition. Sarah Morton, riding Bubba, finished in first place after their spectacular dressage score of 25 and a clean jumping round! Lily McCabe, riding Tower Hills Michan, came in second in the division with a clean jumping round and a dressage score of 30 and Kennedy Ezekiel riding Wanna Seymour came in third, after a dressage score of 35.24 and a clean jumping round as well. The Tadpole division was a close call, but Simon Eades, riding King Shorsey, came out on top, winning the division with a dressage score of 37 and clean jumping round. Close behind, with a final score of 37.5 after a clean jumping round, was Kyle Kipnis riding Boomer. Heather Brown, riding Mozzariato, started out first in the Tadpole division, but after pulling a rail in stadium jumping she finished third in the division. The show also offered a open schooling dressage test division, to allow riders the opportunity to have their dressage test scored by the judge, but these scores are not entered into competition. Overall, the show ran very smoothly, and the horse community is looking forward to the next combined test hosted by Full Gallop Farm on May 19th, 2012.


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