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Aiken Burglars Caught on Tape

ECSO Recognizes Suspect on Tape
By UPDATE | Apr 25, 2012

TRENTON, SC — Aiken County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911-burglary call at the 800 block of Springfield Church Road in Trenton, SC (Aiken County) Monday. The victim returned home to find a light on in his bedroom. He did not enter the home; he ran back to the car and drove down the road to call police.

When responding officer, A. Busbee arrived at the above incident location, he spoke with the victim and learned the victim had suffered previous burglaries and installed a video surveillance system in the home. The victim’s precautions paid off; the two burglars were videoed throughout the residence. Officer Busbee viewed the video to see two black males pull into the front yard driving an older model, dark in color, Toyota Sedan. The two intruders knocked on the front door of the home. When no one answered the door, one of the men attempted to kick in the front door but was not successful. The two thieves then drove around to the back of the home. Once again they knocked on the door, didn’t receive a response, and this time successfully kicked in the door. Once the two subjects had made entry into the home, both were viewed carrying multiple electronics out to their vehicle. After the raiders had stolen over $6000 worth of goods, they drove off. Officer Busbee was unable to determine which direction the intruders routed.

Lt. Adams, forensic agent for ACSO and Investigator Wertz, Identification for ACSO, were both dispatched to the crime scene for processing. The two burglars are unknown at this time.


Aiken County authorities had Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office view the video footage from the home video security system in hopes of their recognizing the two burglars. As soon as Edgefield’s investigators viewed the footage, they were able to name Maurice Lorenzo Culbreath of Johnston.

A search warrant was issued and served hours after the burglary. As an investigator with Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office was trying to locate Culbreath Friday morning, Culbreath was able to escape into a wooded area. Officers set up a perimeter around the area with the help of Johnston Police, but failed to find Culbreath.

A tip came in to ECSO that Culbreath had been spotted around Bland Avenue in Johnston. Once again a perimeter was set and Culbreath eluded police.

Culbreath is no stranger to the law. One week ago Culbreath had plead guilty to charges of grand larceny of over $10,000 in General Sessions Court in Edgefield.

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